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We only require bookings for the following group-exercise classes: Yoga, Pilates, Rebound and Cycling. 50% of the class will be allocated to bookings,  the remainder will be on a first come first serve basis.

Payment Options

Payment options available in 2023 are as follows: Cash upfront options are Credit Card/Debit Card, EFT and/or Snapscan. We do offer Debit Orders on 6-month, 12-month and month-2-month memberships.

Vitality Fitness Assessment

You can now do your Vitality Fitness Assessment at Maties Gym. Please contact eptBIO at / 082 308 6885

Updated Privacy Policy

From 1 July 2021, the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) comes into full effect. The POPIA is designed to protect how your data is collected, used stored and processed. We fully support POPIA and we are pleased to share the steps we have taken to protect your data. Please click here to view our privacy notice.

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TB Awareness Month

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World AIDS Day

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People Power

Meet our Team


Francois Kotze

Francois Kotze

General Manager: Maties Gymnasium
 +27 21 808 9133


Francois Kotze has been at the helm of Maties Gymnasium since October 2012 and – when you talk to his peers – the reason why this gym can compete with the best in the country. He is also the person who ensures that only the best state-of-the-art equipment is used at the gym.

For Francois, being fit is part of who he is, and he has always loved sport and exercising. “You only have one health, so it is best to look after it.”

Talking to Francois, you soon realised how passionate he is about Maties Gymnasium. “Maties Gym caters for everyone – from the beginner to the elite athlete. The gym covers a big space and has many training areas to cater to members’ different needs.”

He says the best part of working at Maties Gym is (apart from free gym membership) is the opportunity it provides you for professional growth, being part of a renowned academic institution. “Here at Maties Gym, you meet people from different walks of life, and as we know, people influence your life in many ways.”

Jacques Pretorius

Jacques Pretorius

Financial Manager
 +27 21 808 9499


Jacques Pretorius joined Maties Gymnasium in June 2020, and his job is making sure the Gym’s financial affairs is also healthy.

For Jacques, being fit is part of having a healthy balanced lifestyle. “There’s no need to give up on things that may be considered “bad habits”. It’s perfectly possible to balance healthy living with eating ice cream or enjoying some wine with dinner,” says he.

Jacques believes you will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to success is found in your daily routine.

If he were to market the Gym to his friends, he would highlight the wide variety of offerings catering to whatever a person’s fitness goals might be. “The friendly atmosphere makes everyone feel right at home and ready to start a great workout,” Jacques says.

The best part of working at Maties Gym for Jacques is the energy and positive work environment. “There is no workplace drama or grumpy co-workers at Maties Gym.”

Carl Wagner

Carl Wagner

Operations Manager
 +27 21 808 9920


For the past four years, Carl Wagner is the person that makes sure all operational matters at Maties Gym is taken care of.

Apart from running around to make sure everything is working perfectly, Carl believes in being fit to improve the quality of life. “It makes everything you do only so much more efficient.”

If he wants to motivate someone to start exercising, he recommends that you set yourself a goal that will challenge yourself, like to train for an event. “What is important,” says Carl, “is to choose your own goal based on your interests and fitness level.”

Carl says he would recommend Maties Gymnasium as no other gym offers the same quality equipment and facilities as Maties Gymnasium.

For him, the best part of working at Maties Gym is seeing so many young people making an effort to get fit and strong. “It is truly inspirational.”

Position Vacant

Position Vacant

Sales & Marketing Manager
 +27 21 808 4510


Position Vacant

Mornay Richardson

Mornay Richardson

Fitness Manager
 +27 21 808 3953

Mornay Richardson has been a fitness Manager since 2022. He has high regard for fitness, and it is a very high priority in his life. “I always say I don’t want to be the parent that can’t play ball or play in the backyard with my kids.”

He is not afraid of pushing himself out of his comfort zone and says: “if you only do what you can do, you will never be more than what you are”.

Mornay says to do any project; you need the right tools. “I feel that is what Maties Gymnasium gives you. We cater for everyone no matter where you are with your project of sculpting a better you.”

For him, the best part of his day is interacting with so many different members, seeing their progress in their training and learning from them and his colleagues.

Calista De Lange

Calista De Lange

Group Exercise Manager
+27 21 808 9108

Calista is another newbie at Maties Gym and joined a year ago as a fitness instructor and with hard work and dedication is now our group exercise manager.

Calista says being fit is very important because it is a way of living a healthy lifestyle. “You don’t have to be in the gym every single day to be fit; you just need to be active every day, in my opinion.”

She always tells people who want to get fit that it will not be easy, but it will be worth it. “You are going to want to quit but don’t!”

One of Maties Gym’s good selling points is the high-quality equipment. “It is also a lot bigger than you would expect.” The best part of working at Maties gym for her is being part of and working at an elite high-performance facility.

Elizabeth Pietersen

Elizabeth Pietersen

Health and Hygiene Supervisor


For the past nine years, Elizabeth Petersen (or Lizzy as most people know her) makes sure Maties Gym is a healthy and hygienic space to train. She believes that Maties Gym is by far the cleanest gym in the country.

For her being fit is good for your mental and your physical health. Apart from being fit and ensuring the gym is clean, she loves the opportunity to interact with members in the gym.

Nano Fredericks

Nano Fredericks

Maintenance Technician


Nano Fredericks only recently joined Maties Gymnasium with the huge task to make sure all the equipment is in perfect working order.

Nano believe it is very important for him to keep fit, because its improves his  health and decreases the risk of getting heart disease. 

“I always tell people that training has a lot of benefits. It improves brain health  and memory, builds self-confidence and increases your energy levels. It also helps to relieve stress.” 

Nano says Maties Gymnasium offers cost effective gym membership fees and caters for everyone. “It is a fun and positive working environment that makes my work enjoyable.”

Nadia Matheus

Nadia Matheus

Financial Assistant
 +27 21 808 9210

Position Vacant

Position Vacant

Financial Assistant
 +27 21 808 9210

Find your fit

Find or book a group exercise class


Aqua is an aerobics class suitable for everyone. Completely suspended you will find yourself in a liquid weight room. This class will push and pull you through the water to upbeat music. A full body cardio and strength class improving your core, flexibility, balance, coordination and muscle tone.

Body Conditioning

Are you looking to get fit, strong and lean? Join our all-round fitness class leaving you wanting more. Body Conditioning will challenge your strength, muscular endurance and fitness while slaying up to 500 calories. Pumping music, encouragement and motivation will get you in great shape and loving your body.


A class that challenges you with traditional callisthenic and body weight exercises. Interval- and strength training burning up to 650 calories. Squats, sprints and push-ups providing a killer workout to bring on the sweat and shape your body.


A class where the instructors create their own unique classes which varies from instructor to instructor. Accompanied by the instructor’s unique playlist of powerful tunes, pump the pedals to improve aerobic fitness, burn calories and tone your legs as well as release endorphins to leave you with a natural high.

Rise & Grind

A daring combination of aerobic exercise and weight training. Rise & Grind will increase your muscle tone and fitness! As the name suggest Rise & Grind is a early morning class that starts at 06:00


A system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, core stability, flexibility, posture and enhance mental awareness. Pilates is appreciated by everyone from elite athletes to seniors.


For those who are up for a challenge. Uppercut is an action packed combo of kicks and punches designed to build your fitness, improve your strength and endurance.

Latin Fusion

Social latin dancing for you and you partner, or just for you. Learn some new moves to show off at events or just get moving!


Not just for the body but also the mind! Step is an aerobics class using a step platform. Step sequences require some coordination while jamming away to high energy music. This class will melt away 700 calories leaving you fitter, leaner, stronger and more coordinated.

Weight Workout

Don’t let the weight room intimidate you! Come join us for a studio weight training workout. A class with burning interval sequences leaving you stronger, leaner and fitter.


Yoga a full body and mind experience. Yoga combines physical exercises, mental meditation and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility and relieve stress.


A 45 minute fusion of Latin and International music / dance, blasting up to 500 calories. Zumba combines cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. It sculpts- and tones the body, leaving you on cloud nine.

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