Gym Rules

The Rules

Everyone at Maties Gymnasium must adhere to The Rules & Regulations. The Rules aren’t just any rules. These are part of your official Maties Gymnasium Contract. So please take a moment to familiarise yourself with these specific rules.

Who should obey by these Rules?

All members, guests and visitors and staff must obey by these Rules. Although polite requests to other members are fine please do not attempt to enforce the rules yourself as this could escalate the matter and land you in predicament.

Gymnasium Rules
  1. All potential members must fill in a Health Screening Questionnaire before using our gym facilities for the first time. If you are found to be at a moderate or high risk, we will ask you to give us a medical clearance certificate before we allow you access.
  2. Before you begin exercising, ensure you have fully completed our in-house member assessment and induction programme. This will ensure you are on the right track towards reaching your goals.
  3. It is recommended that you please check with your healthcare provider before you start a new exercise programme. You should have a physical exam to see if you have any health risks, where needed.
  4. We recommend that you spend 10 minutes warming up your muscles before starting any type of exercise. If you jump straight in, you risk damaging your muscles and/or straining your heart.
  5. Carry a towel and remain well hydrated while exercising. If you experience acute pain, dizziness, a sudden headache, or chest pain, stop exercising immediately and inform a staff member. You could hurt yourself if you ignore any signs of pain.
  6. Please inform us if there is any change in your medical condition.
General Gymnasium use
  • Please take note of our opening and closing hours displayed at the entrance of the Gymnasium and on our website (
  • Pets (other than service dogs) are not permitted.
  • Firearms or other weapons are not permitted anywhere on the Gymnasium premises (unless the weapon is in the possession of an on-duty police officer or security official who is on official police/security business in the Gymnasium). Police officer’s/security officials who are utilising any facility or equipment in the Gymnasium are on the premises as a member and may not bring a weapon into the Gymnasium.
  • Smoking and or vaping is not permitted anywhere on the Gymnasium premises.
  • You may not take any photographs or videos footage within the Gymnasium. Sharing your workouts on social media is great, however when taking photos or videos ensure that do not intentionally or unintentionally violate others privacy, as this may affect your membership. Photos and videos taken in the facility may only be for your personal usage and not for business or promotional use.
  • You may not bring alcohol or drugs into our Gymnasium.
  • You may not sell and/or market any product or service to other members while in the Gymnasium.
  • You consent to us using your image if taken during photo shoots of Gymnasium facilities.
  • The use of Maties Gymnasium’s name or logo for promotional, marketing, advertising or any other activity is prohibited.
Access Policy
  • All members will be asked to have their fingerprints taken during the sign-up process.
  • This is used to access our facilities (different halls and entrance to the Gymnasium).
  • If you experience any problems with the fingerprint scanner, please report it to the staff at the Gymnasium Reception.
  • We will block or suspend your membership if found guilty of scanning anyone else other than yourself into the Gymnasium.
  • We won’t let you into our Gymnasium if your membership fees are not up to date, or if we have terminated or suspended your membership or if you have frozen your membership.
Children Access Age Restriction

Under 10 Years of age:

  • No members under the age of 10 are allowed to take part in group exercise classes.
  • No members under the age of 10 allowed on any cardiovascular equipment (stationary cycles, cross-trainers, rowers, steppers, treadmills) or strength equipment.

Under 10 – 14 Years of age:

  • Members of the age of 10 – 14 are allowed to make use of the indoor/outdoor, pool and cardiovascular equipment (excluding the treadmills) with adult supervision.

 14 – 16 Years of age:

  • May use all cardio equipment and make use of strength machines under supervision.

Under 16 Years of age:

  • No member under the age of 16 is allowed in the High Performance and/or Weight Training Area without adult supervision. No member under the age of 16 is allowed to make use of the sauna.

Adult supervision is defined as:

  • The sole responsibility of a parent, legal guardian or trainer to supervise and care for the child. The guardian must be present and in close proximity of where the child is training.
Illegal substances
  • We take a zero-tolerance approach towards the use, sale or endorsement of any form of illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs (including steroids or any other banned substances) on Gymnasium premises or in the parking area.
  • Any allegations, suspicions and/or evidence of infringement of this rule gives us the right to cancel or suspend your membership at our absolute discretion.
  • You may not enter the Gymnasium while under the influence of alcohol, illegal and/or performance-enhancing drugs (including steroids).
  • You may not use foul, loud, offensive, or abusive language (and/or including, without limitation, discriminatory language based on an individual’s race, ethnic or social origin, colour, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion or disability).
  • You must not commit any acts of intimidation or threats, or use menacing behaviour towards other members, visitors, or members of staff.
  • You must not verbally, physically, or sexually abuse or harass, or use violent behaviour towards other members, guests.
  • You may not commit any unhygienic or immoral act or acts which may cause distaste, revulsion or abhorrence to other members or members of staff.
  • You will have to pay for any damage caused by you, your dependents, and your guests while in the Gymnasium.
  • Replace all equipment and weights after use.
Member Dress Code
  • Suitable and appropriate exercise clothing must be worn at all times while exercising in the Gymnasium. T-shirts/vests and closed footwear (no slops/sandals) must be worn at all times (except in the wet areas).
  • If you are unsure of what to wear, please ask a staff member.
  • Parking is only for members and guests while using the Gymnasium facilities.
  • Members or guests can make use of the parking bays in front of the Gymnasium (if these members and/or guests have the appropriate permits) as well as the parking bays in front of the Coetzenburg Centre.
  • Please park in designated parking bays and do not use the disabled parking bays if you are not entitled to do so.
  • It goes without saying, but please do not leave valuables visible inside your vehicles.
  • Just remember, all vehicles are parked and driven at your own risk. We do not accept responsibility for any loss, theft and/or damage to vehicles and/or valuables left in vehicles or any other mode of transport of members or their guests whilst on the Gymnasium’s premises or in any parking area designated for use by members or their guests.
Locker and personal belongings
  • Subject to availability, lockers are provided in the change rooms to store your gear while you train. Please bring one high quality padlock (combination locks are not preferred) for your locker in the change room. We do not undertake that the use of a locker will guarantee that theft of or damage to your property will not occur. Please check that your personal insurance policy covers you for loss of personal effects. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or theft of money or loss or damage to personal property of members whether locked in a locker or otherwise.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended in the change rooms or anywhere else in the Gymnasium at any time and report any lost item (s) immediately to a staff member. Placing all your belongings in a locked locker limits potential loss and is considerate to other members requiring access to bench space in the change rooms.
  • Lockers may only be used for keeping gym kits, toiletries, and the clothing that you were wearing when you came to the Gymnasium. If we have reasonable grounds for thinking that a locker is being used for medium/ long term storage, we may open the locker and remove any offending items.
  • Lockers are available for use only while you’re in the Gymnasium. Any belongings left in a locker overnight will be removed and placed in lost property.
  • Any belongings so removed or left unattended will be available at lost property at the Gymnasium for 14 days. If you do not collect them within this time, we will donate these to charity.
Equipment and the training floor
  • Please use the equipment for its intended purpose and follow the instructions provided. Do ask for help from Fitness staff covering the floors.
  • Please inspect equipment before use and do not use the equipment if it appears damaged and/or inoperable or any component appears to be missing, worn and/or damaged. We need to know, so please report damaged equipment to a staff member.
  • Please use all available safety devices on the equipment.
  • When using strength equipment be sure that the weight pin is completely inserted. Never pin the weight stack in an elevated position. Inspect all cables, straps, and other connections prior to use.
  • Please do not use dumbbells or any other equipment, other than equipment specifically provided by the manufacturer, to incrementally increase weight resistance on strength equipment. If unsure, please ask for help from a staff member.
  • Before stepping onto a treadmill, please ensure that the belt has come to a complete stop. Never jump off the treadmill while the belt is still moving.
  • Please be gentle. Handle weights and equipment with care and replace after use.
  • While completing the circuit, be a sport and move with the timer and use the equipment in numerical order.
  • Please adhere to the time limits if specified on equipment so that everyone gets the chance to use it.
  • No food, drinks or bags are allowed on the training floor, with the exception of plastic water bottles and sports drinks.
  • Please use a sweat towel at all times and use the disinfectant spray and paper towels available to wipe equipment before after use.
  • Please read the warnings and observe the guidelines displayed in writing near the equipment and consult a doctor if you are concerned about your health risks prior to using the equipment.
Studio and floor classes
  • All group exercise classes can be pre-booked. This can be done on the Maties Gymnasium website ( Pre bookings are only valid until 5 minutes before the class starts. If you do not arrive at the class 5 minutes before the start, you may lose your spot. Class timetables and instructors may change from time to time without notice too. Please check the Gymnasium notice boards for all the latest details. Also view the timetables on under “timetables”.
  • Please arrive a few minutes early for a class as you may not be allowed to join in if you are late. If you do arrive a few minutes late and there is still availability, please ensure you have warmed up.
  • Please inform your instructor of any injuries, illness, or pregnancy.
  • Once a class is in progress and the 10 minutes joining limit has past, no member will be allowed to enter a studio.
Indoor Cycling
  • Please use a sweat towel and use the disinfectant spray and paper towels available to wipe the indoor cycles before after use.
  • If necessary, check that your shoelaces are securely tied and tuck long pants into your socks to prevent any interference with the pedals.
Boxing Bag and kettlebells
  • Observe the space around you when using the boxing equipment and kettlebells to avoid causing harm to other members.
  • For your own protection, wear protective hand wraps and gloves when using the boxing bag.
Swimming pools
  • BEWARE: The Gymnasium does not provide lifeguard supervision.
  • Junior members under the age of 14 years must be accompanied and supervised by their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) at all times. The guardian or parent must remain on the pool deck to monitor and observe the child swimming.
  • The pool area is slippery when wet, so please be careful when entering.
  • Some swim etiquette: please shower before entering the pool, wear a swimming costume, wear a swimming cap, and observe any swimming direction displayed in the pool area. When sharing a lane please swim in a clockwise direction.
  • Please do not jump into the swimming pool or run around it.
  • We do not permit or endorse any form of hypoxic training (a swimming programme involving limited breathing).
  • You may not use the pool if you have a communicable disease.
  • Please do not use balls, floats, or inflatables other than those provided by the Gymnasium.
  • Babies and toddlers must wear aqua nappies or specifically designed baby swim trunks.
  • Babies, toddlers and children who cannot swim should wear flotation devices.
  • Swimming pool lanes may be reserved from time to time for swim schools, Maties Sport teams, events, or international training groups. Please check the website for details.
  • The indoor swimming pool lanes may be reserved from time to time for Aqua classes. Please check the group exercise timetable for details.
  • If you are elderly or pregnant or suffer from heart disease, diabetes or high or low blood pressure or any other serious medical condition you are advised not to use the sauna.
  • Members under the age of 16 years may not use the sauna.
  • The sauna may be closed for a brief period during the day to facilitate cleaning.


  • shower before entering the sauna.
  • sit on a towel when using the sauna
  • do not bring any electronic equipment into the sauna.
  • observe a reasonable time limit in the sauna – three to twenty minutes or until perspiration begins is recommended – after which you should shower and cool down, and if you wish, return for another brief stay;
  • do not use oils, creams or cosmetic products;
  • do not shave or exfoliate;
  • do not dry clothing or towels in the sauna, or bring newspapers/magazines/books into the sauna (it’s a serious fire hazard);
  • do not pour any oils over the hot rocks unit or touch the sauna hot rocks unit (it’s very hot and can cause serious injury).
  • be aware that surfaces may be slippery.
Recovery Centre
  • Recovery Baths can be booked at Reception.
  • Recovery sessions booked at an additional cost and do not form part of a member’s Gymnasium membership.
  • Please read/observe the guidelines displayed in writing in the Recovery Centre and consult a doctor prior to use if you have any concerns.
  • Recovery Baths may only be used by members over the age of 18 years.
Personal training
  • Only authorised Maties Gymnasium Personal Trainers are permitted to provide personal training in the Gymnasium. Personal training by other members is not allowed whether it’s for payment or not. If we suspect someone providing unauthorised personal training, our Manager will investigate, and you and the trainer may be expelled or suspended.
  • Our Personal Trainers work for themselves and all payment for services is between you as the client and the Personal Trainer.
  • Please do not tamper with fire doors or tamper with any safety devices.
  • Please follow the health and safety notices displayed throughout the Gymnasium.
  • Please take note of the emergency procedures. If there is an emergency, please follow the staff’s instructions at all times.
  • When using staircases, hold the handrails at all times and proceed with caution.
  • Please do not run in the Gymnasium (other than on the running tracks). Be aware of the different floor surfaces that you move across as you walk through the Gymnasium. As on-going cleaning and maintenance will be taking place, related tools and equipment may be hazardous, and some floor surfaces may be wet and therefore slippery. Proceed with caution in these areas.
  • Please report all injuries/incidents and/or any hazards that you see to a staff member.

For any further information contact us on 021 808 9133 or email us at

We hope you enjoy every workout session with us and we promise to only provide the best service at all times

Thank you

Maties Gymnasium Management