Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for student discounts?
  • All registered Stellenbosch University Students can receive a 15% student discount.
  • Only students from approved institutions within Stellenbosch will receive the student discount, please contact reception to find out if your institution is covered.
  • The student membership options are not available to institutions outside of Stellenbosch and Unisa students
  • For Non-SU students a letter from the institution stating that they are a full-time student for the current year.
How do I freeze my account?
  • ALL members with valid 6 – 11-month contracts will be eligible to freeze their membership only once for one 30 days during his/ her contract period at no cost (total freezing time is 30 days).
  • ALL members with a valid 12-month contract will be eligible to freeze their membership for 60 Days at no cost (total freezing time is 60 Days maximum, but only one freezing opportunity is allowed).
  • No debit orders will be submitted during a freezing period if the freezing period covers one calendar month. Only pro-rata amounts applicable will be deducted for the unfrozen days remaining.
  • The freezing request cannot be amended after the days have been selected.
  • If the member has a dependent on their profile, an additional request will need to be completed for the dependent’s membership.
  • Should the member have any arrears on his/ her account due to an unpaid, failed, or disputed debit order submission.  All arrears must be settled before the freezing request can be actioned.
  • No freezing start dates can be actioned on the day of request.
  • If the freezing request date is after a debit order submission the member is still liable for the outstanding debit order.
How do I cancel my membership?
  • All cancellations must be in writing. Cancellation request forms are available at the main gym reception.
  • The payer of the membership (if it is a Debit Order Membership) must instruct the cancellation.
  • A 30% cancellation fee of the outstanding balance of the membership will be charged to process the cancellation.
  • Cash upfront memberships will be refunded the balance of the outstanding amount after the 30% cancellation fee has been applied.
How do the Pool Bookings work?
  • Sessions for both the indoor and outdoor pools can be purchased at the main gym reception desk.
  • Both pools are available for use by gym members at no additional cost.
  • Several users make use of both pools, based on a booking schedule.
  • The indoor and outdoor pool booking scheduled can be viewed live at https://swim.rollout.co.za/Web/view-schedule.php
  • Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult supervisor.
  • Swimming caps are strictly compulsory for the use of the indoor and outdoor pools.
  • Please note that the indoor and the outdoor Pool lanes are listed on the same page.
  • Only the pool lanes labeled “Gym” are available for our gym members to use, according to the time schedule
  • From time to time the pool may not be available for events and maintenance.
How do I book a spinning bike for my favorite class?
    • You can book a spinning slot via the online booking platform.
    • Bookings can be made up to one week (7 days) in advance, on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • You can only book a spinning slot for yourself.
    • You need to be seated at least 5 minutes before the class starts. If not, you will forfeit your booking and the spinning bike will be available for someone else.
    • You can view the spinning class timetable live on our website. https://matiesgym.sun.ac.za/stb/group-exercise-timetable/


Can I buy sessions for the group exercise classes only?

No, we have day and week sessions available, which allows you access to all our facilities. But apart from our swimming sessions, we do not have separate packages for group classes only.

Can I use the High Performance Gymnasium when it is booked by sport teams?

Yes, however equipment availability might be limited during booked sessions. During these slots, HP Teams gets preference of equipment or areas.https://matiesgym.sun.ac.za/stb/hp-timetable-2/

Is the gym closed at any times during the year?

Yes, our facilities are closed during annual graduation ceremonies (please refer to our website for communication regarding closing and operating times)

Good Friday and around Christmas (more detail will be communicated on our website and social media platforms)

Will you keep my belongings if I lose or forget it in the gym?

We do not take responsibility for personal belongings, however, should we find items left behind at closing, we will keep them for a short while. Should these items not be collected, it will be donated – please ask at reception for more info.

Can I leave my personal belongings locked in the change rooms for days/ weeks?

Subject to availability, lockers are provided in the change rooms to store your gear while you train. Please bring one high quality padlock for your locker in the change room. We do not undertake that the use of a locker will guarantee that theft of or damage to your property will not occur. Please check that your personal insurance policy covers you for loss of personal effects. We do not accept responsibility for any loss or theft of money or loss or damage to personal property of members whether locked in a locker or otherwise.  Any belongings so removed or left unattended will be available at lost property at the Gymnasium for 14 days. If you do not collect them within this time, we will donate these to charity.

What is the difference between a Fitness Instructor and a Personal Trainer, and how much does it cost?

Our fitness instructors are available to guide and assist our members to reach their goals. A personal trainer comes at an additional cost, fees may vary. We therefore advise that you make contact with one of our personal trainers. Their details are available on the notice board on the second floor of our facility as well as on our website.  https://stellenbosch.matiesgym.co.za/personal-trainers/

Only authorised Maties Gymnasium Personal Trainers are permitted to provide personal training in the Gymnasium. Personal training by other members is not allowed whether it’s for payment or not. If we find someone providing unauthorised personal training, our Manager will investigate and you and the trainer may be expelled or suspended. Our Personal Trainers work for themselves and all payment for services is between you as the client and the Personal Trainer.

Do I need to do an assessment when I join the gym?

All members must fill in a Health Screening Questionnaire before using our gym facilities for the first time. If you are found to be at high risk, we will ask you to give us a medical clearance certificate before we allow you access.  If you are found to be at moderate risk, we strongly advise that you make an appointment with our Fitness manager before you start your training program. Before you begin exercising, ensure you have fully completed our in-house member assessment and induction programme.

Will I get a program when I join the gym?

We do have programs available for our members to use – please ask one of our fitness instructors to assist you with that.

Will someone be able to show me how to use the equipment?

Yes, we have fitness instructors available at all times during operating hours – they will gladly assist you.

Do I need to bring my towel and water bottle when I exercise at the gym?

A gym towel is compulsory – please ensure that you bring your towel when you come to train. It is extremely important to stay hydrated during training sessions – we have water fountains available in the gym, but we strongly advise that you bring your own water bottle, you can fill your bottle at our water fountain stations.

Do I need to wear shoes in the gym?

Suitable and appropriate exercise clothing must be worn at all times while exercising in the Gymnasium. T-shirts/vests and closed footwear (no slops/sandals) must be worn at all times (except in the wet areas).

Are the Recovery facilities included in my membership?

Recovery Baths can be booked at Reception. Recovery sessions booked at an additional cost and do not form part of a member’s Gymnasium membership. Recovery Baths may only be used by members over the age of 18 years.

Do you have discounted memberships if I am on medical aid?

We currently do not have discounted memberships for medical aids, we do however have systems in place for you to log your gym accesses accordingly and claim points/benefits.

Can I earn reward points at Maties Gym if I am on a medical aid?

Yes, please ask our staff to assist you with that.

Can I book a slot for any of the other group exercise classes?

We only require bookings for the following group-exercise classes: Yoga, Pilates, Rebound and Cycling. 50% of the class will be allocated to bookings,  the remainder will be on a first come first serve basis. bookings can be made on our online platform.

Can I bring my children to the gym while I exercise?

Our facilities caters for a wide age range, bearing in mind that due to your own health and safety, we do not allow children under the age of 14 on our gym floors, but younger children are welcome to use the swimming pools, under adult supervision. (Please refer to our age guideline stipulated in the Gym Rules).

Is the Gym open during load shedding?

Yes, we are open. However, electronic equipment will be out of use. We will return to full operation once the electricity has been restored.