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New Students to Tygerberg can register and signup here.

New Tygerberg students can now complete the gym registration and sign-up process completely online! Use the QR image to go straight to the registration page for student memberships at Tygerberg.

Payment options available in 2023

We accept the following payments: Credit/Debit Card, EFT, Snapscan and Debit Order. Take note that payment via Student Accounts is no longer available.

Updated Privacy Policy

From 1 July 2021, the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (POPIA) comes into full effect. The POPIA is designed to protect how your data is collected, used stored and processed. We fully support POPIA and we are pleased to share the steps we have taken to...

Fitness News

Strength Training vs Aerobic Training

Strength training vs Aerobic training Strength trained individuals might question whether they should include aerobic exercise in their programs due to the popular belief that muscular strength can be lost when combined with aerobic training. To explore the truth of...

TB Awareness Month

  TB Awareness Some of you might not know that March is TB awareness month. Tuberculosis (TB) is a bacterial infection mainly affecting the lungs that cause thousands of deaths every year worldwide. TB is the second greatest killer worldwide due to a single...


Hypertension High blood pressure, medically known as hypertension is something that many of us have heard of before and are screened for or asked about when visiting the gym or other training facilities. According to the South African Hypotensive Society 4 out of 10...


Meet our Team

Dexter Chapman

Dexter Chapman

General Manager: Tygerberg
 +27 21 932 2888


Dexter Chapman has been working at Maties Gymnasium since 2019, and for him, the best thing about working here is the members and the opportunity to engage with people from different backgrounds.

He believes in keeping fit because it makes him feel good and relax. "I enjoy it to move – exercising is a good breakaway and gives me a chance to de-stress."

His advice for people to get fit is to keep it simple. "Keep it simple, start small and be patient."

He says personal service is the reason why Maties Gymnasium is so popular amongst its members. “Since our gym is so small, we make a point of getting to know everyone. I love working with the members.”

Elaine Abelse

Elaine Abelse

Customer Care
 +27 21 932 2888

For the past thirteen years, Elaine Abelse has been looking after the customer care division of Maties Gymnasium. “Here, I meet new people almost every day.”

Elaine regards fitness as a way of life. “It improves your quality of life and extends your life expectancy.”

She motivates people to start training, ensuring them that they will feel healthier when they begin training. “Training makes you love life and has the bonus of giving you a slim body.”

“And what better place to train than our gym,” says Elaine. “We have everything you need under one roof.”

Jesse Kagee

Jesse Kagee

Fitness Instructor
 +27 21 932 2888


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A class where the instructors create their own unique classes which varies from instructor to instructor. Accompanied by the instructor’s unique playlist of powerful tunes, pump the pedals to improve aerobic fitness, burn calories and tone your legs as well as release endorphins to leave you with a natural high.


This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high-intensity cardio bursts designed to improve your endurance and tone your body.


A 30 min quick and effective class that follows a circuit set out by our Fitness instructors. No two express classes will every be the same as our Fitness instructors will always push you to improve and achieve new fitness heights.


Yoga a full body and mind experience. Yoga combines physical exercises, mental meditation and breathing techniques to strengthen the muscles, increase flexibility and relieve stress.


A 45 minute fusion of Latin and International music / dance, blasting up to 500 calories. Zumba combines cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. It sculpts- and tones the body, leaving you on cloud nine.

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