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Maties Gymnasium: in a league of its own

Maties Gymnasium is no ordinary gym, that is clear when you walk into this unique facility on the Coetzenburg sports grounds in Stellenbosch. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, top-notch trainers and state-of-the-art equipment is but a few of the benefits you receive when you join the ever-growing membership base.

The Gymnasium provides training equipment and facilities for everyone from the novice, the hard-core bodybuilder, the fitness-fanatic, the “stay-in-shape” type and even the high-performance athlete. Maties Gymnasium is also the only gym in the area to offer high-performance training equipment for disabled people, hence providing universal access to all. Here you will rub shoulders with Maties rugby players (even the odd Springbok player), Olympians and some of Maties’ top student-athletes training for their subsequent victory.

At Maties Gymnasium, the ordinary student gets to wind down from a day of sitting behind the books or where they come to take the edge of a three-hour exam. It is a place for the local attorney to get rid of unnecessary adrenalin from handling yet another stressful court case. Fitness experts, personal trainers and intuitive group exercise instructors are always ready to help you reach your fitness goals and keep you in shape and on track to add that extra level to your training routine.