Your Winter Self-Care Guide!

Are you finding it difficult to battle the cold and find motivation to work out?

We know it can be challenging to motivate yourself to get moving when it is super cold! But we are here to remind you that, although you might not feel like it, maybe exercise and self-care are just what you need in winter!

Here are our TOP TIPS for fighting both the Winter blues and the cold (two birds!):

    Although we are sure that we need not explain why this is the obvious Winter self-care choice, we are going to do so anyways. There are several benefits of exercising, even when it’s cold out! Firstly, getting your heart rate up will, of course, warm the body up better than any brand of hot cocoa. Additionally, the increased blood flow to the organs, especially the brain, will be more beneficial for overall health, vitality, and concentration. Also, it is a common fact that all happy hormones (endorphin and its friends) can be generated through exercise. So, exercise is the perfect way to: feel good inside and out, get warm, and keep healthy and busy (move over, Netflix!).


  1. Dry Brushing:
    This is a fabulous way to maintain skin health & glow, stimulate collagen production, and increase blood circulation (thereby warming the body). Post-or-pre-workout, this activity can only add to your mojo and your inner and outer glow-glow.


  1. Eat Yourself Warm:
    Healthy ingredients such as ginger, garlic, banana, oats, butternut, paprika and cayenne pepper… these foods have been known to increase body heat and have several other properties/benefits. For example, banana also contains potassium and will help increase mental focus and concentration; paprika, cayenne pepper and ginger can help to increase the metabolic rate; oats are great for digestive comfort; and who doesn’t love a good butternut soup in winter? With such delicious ingredients, there is simply no reason to be tempted by the unhealthier comfort food options.


  1. Get steamy:
    You do not need to convince us to indulge in a warm sauna session in the Winter months. And did you know that Maties Gym has both men’s and women’s sauna facilities? There is a long list of health benefits associated with sauna time, and on top of that, it is such a great way to get hot and heated!


  1. Hike Up Those Temperatures:
    Although this one counts as exercise, we thought we would list it separately, as winter is the best season to partake in the delightful hiking activity, in our opinion. Make sure you avoid rainy days. Stellenbosch is surrounded by beautiful hills and trails, perfect for both moderate and intense hiking. The fact that hiking in the South African Summer heat can make such outings unbearable means that Winter may be the obvious choice for day-time hikers to set out and conquer new heights.


We would love to hear what YOUR favourite Winter exercise routine entails. Why not stop by and let us know, get in contact with our on-site trainers, or join one of our group exercise classes?