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Tygerberg Gymnasium caters for all your fitness needs

Stellenbosch University’s Tygerberg campus hosts its very own gymnasium: Tygerberg gymnasium. Although smaller than its counterpart in Stellenbosch, the gymnasium offers its members all that is expected from a modern gymnasium: state-of-the-art equipment, top-notch coaches and instructors and a beautiful environment where you can embark on any training program that suits your needs.

Tygerberg Gymnasium provides training equipment and facilities for everyone from the novice, the hard-core bodybuilder, and the fitness-fanatic to the “stay-in-shape” and regular aerobic types. 

Here you can wind down from hours of studying for the next exam or to get off your feet after a shift at the hospital. Fitness- and intuitive group exercise instructors are always ready to help you reach your fitness goals and keep you in shape and on track to add that extra level to your training routine.