When you wanted to become a ballerina, your parents took you for ballet lessons. When you wanted to learn a musical instrument, they hired a music tutor. The enthusiastic mathematics teacher who became the rugby coach had to hang up his boots when the team decided to enter the league and hired a proper rugby coach to get them to the next level. These coaches are the experts, who have the knowledge and experience in a specific field to teach you a new skill.

Similarly, a gymnasium’s personal trainer is there to help you create an exercise programme for your specific needs and abilities. No matter where you are on your exercise journey, a personal trainer can offer support, tips, and training as you work to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

You can look at a personal trainer as a teacher – one with a wealth of knowledge to make sure you end up with a balanced exercise routine with the right amount of cardio versus strength and core training. Together with him or her, you can set your short term and long term fitness goals and together, you will reach those. A personal trainer will keep you motivated, constantly evaluate your programme and make adjustments to ensure you reach your goals.

Hiring a personal trainer is a big decision (and often a big financial commitment), but it can be well worth your time, even if you can only work with one on a short-term basis. A personal trainer can tailor a custom plan for you and provide invaluable support and accountability in your fitness journey. No matter if you’re starting out or taking a break from working out and want to get back into it, a trainer is a perfect person to make sure you are doing exercises correctly and making the most of your time at the gym.


Maties Gym’s personal trainers

Our group of personal trainers at Maties Gymnasium are there for you when you need them. Together you and one of them can start by doing a proper assessment of your fitness and propose a programme to suit your needs. And with a program that fits your lifestyle and training requirements, you are more likely to maintain the habit and see actual results.

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